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Having the “Hard-to-Heart” Conversations

What happens when a dating coach, a business coach, a trauma expert and a divorce coach meet? BOOM!!!  It was the perfect mix of themselves and the missing pieces in each other. It was that special feeling: something big, sweet and wonderful. The energy was just combustible, so powerful in the best ways. They knew that together they could help others in bigger and better ways.

They just felt that VIBE!

Amie Blumberg, founder of Amie Blumberg Coaching; Jacqui Atcheson, founder of Better Path to Divorce; Julianne Cantarella, founder of New Jersey’s Matchmaker ­­­­­­­and Susan Greif, founder of Art Mends Hearts are excited and thrilled to announce a new collaboration and creation of their YouTube Channel and Podcast called, LIVE WITH THE VIBE. This combination of experts in their respective fields will educate and elevate women in all aspects of their day-to-day lives; such as: relationships, finances, family, health, business, trauma, love, and all of your “hard to heart” conversations.

  • You will get inspired and energized.

  • You’ll take away some practical and actionable tidbits.

  • You will laugh, you will cry, but you will realize you are not alone.


Your issues, struggles, delights, wins, and heartaches are theirs and they are here to bring you into their “vibe”.

You can watch this twice-monthly talk show on YouTube, or listen to the Podcast.

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