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Media Mentions

September 08, 2020

HIListically Speaking Podcast with Hilary Russo

When is the last time you really sat down and spoke to the older generation in your family? Whether it’s a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, we can learn a lot about our lineage if we take time to listen. The trouble is, many families (if not all) face some type of ancestral trauma. And talking about history can stir up major upsets. Sometimes it can even leave family members feeling disconnected and damaged.

July 23, 2020

Louise H Reid Podcast Episode 108: Susan Greif, Ancestral Trauma & Creative Expert

I am so excited to share my expertise and strategies for creating awareness and sharing strategies towards breaking the ancestral trauma, empowerment and transformation with Louise H Reid ~ #1 Best Selling Author,  Empowerment Coach & Leadership Consultant, International Radio Host and Podcaster, EQi 2.0 Certified. Follow her here: Louise H Reid Show The Contact Talk Radio Network

June 17, 2020

Weekly Wednesday Lunch & Learn with Michele Brown, Amber Lee Forrester and Kai Marie

This Weekly Wednesday Lunch & Learn is about Ancestral Trauma and Post Traumatic Growth. Join Michele Brown and I Amber Lee Forrester as they speak with trauma experts Susan Horn Greif and Kaii Marie. 

This is not a black, white, or blue thing. It's a human thing. We can't assume we understand the whole story if we only listen to one side. Again, I urge you to GET OPEN-MINDED and GET EDUCATED.

June 02, 2020

Revealing Conversations with Petra Nicoll

I was interviewed by Petra Nicoll about creative transformation and ancestral trauma. We spoke about the Jewish/German aspect of ancestral trauma and touched upon the BLM movement.

Petra Nicoll empowers people from all walks of life to stop ignoring their intuition and start stepping up to their highest potential.

November 14, 2019

Kristallnacht Event: Ending Intergenerational Trauma

I was recently invited by Miriam Schulman of Shulman Art and The Inspiration Place to speak at Shaarei Tikvah of Scarsdale’s Kristallnacht Event. This special event, moderated by Miriam Schulman and led by Rabbi Baldechin, was to mark the anniversary of Kristallnacht, the 1938 night of broken glass when Nazis massively destroyed Jewish stores and synagogues, and to discuss the trauma transmitted to the children and grandchildren of survivors.


As a daughter of Holocaust survivors, I was honored to speak at the event along with Christina Heike of New Decision Therapy, a daughter of German WWII survivors.


Christina and I met in a networking group and connected over the fact that we both were working in trauma release with our clients. Overcoming initial apprehension, we developed a caring friendship, bridging the divide of our ancestors’ traumatic experience.


Ancestral trauma is a condition that can apply to descendants of any people who undergo trauma. It can not only impact parenting but also affects DNA and can be passed down throughout the generations in the form of inter-generational PTSD.  Inter-generational trauma is not just limited to victims of war, but also includes the trauma of sexual and child abuse, genocide or enslavement of a people. The study of how DNA can change is known as epigenetics. 

April 17, 2019

Judaica In the Spotlight Interview

I was interviewed by Judaica In the Spotlight, and featured in one of their "Meet the Founder" pieces.

In the interview I discuss a bit of personal history, how I was led to create Art Mends Hearts, the process and outcomes of art therapy, and my vision for the future.

April 01, 2019

24Seven Magazine Featured Article

One of my articles was featured in the April edition of Change Your Attitude, Change Your Lifes' magazine, 24 Seven!

In this article I discuss creating your plan for success early in the year, then creating and maintaining the momentum necessary to achieve your goals (Page 60-61).

November 12, 2018

Woman Of Strength TV Interviews Susan Greif

Susan shares her journey on Woman of Strength TV, a podcast for the purpose driven woman with a yearning deep in her soul to serve. 

August 16, 2018

My Time Out and Susan Greif Discuss Depression

My Time-Out founder, Renee Jensen is Reiki first and second degree certified in the Usui System of Natural Healing. She is an energy and intuitive healer specializing in Distance Reiki. 

In this video, she discusses depression and ways to help with Susan. 

June 29, 2018

My Time Out and Susan Greif Walk Through a Creative Arts Therapy Session

My Time-Out founder, Renee Jensen is Reiki first and second degree certified in the Usui System of Natural Healing. She is an energy and intuitive healer specializing in Distance Reiki. 

In this video, she discusses creative arts therapy with Susan and draws a picture for Susan to review. 

February 02, 2018

Susan Greif Joins Advisory Team For New York Radio Show


October 19, 2017

Susan Greif in Discussion on How to Disrupt Oppression as Caring Professionals

Join Kerrie Mohr (CEO of A Good Place Therapy), Susan Greif (CEO of Arts Mends Hearts), and Sacred Walker (Founding President and CEO of Love Medicine Institute TV) discuss how to disrupt oppression as caring professionals. 

December 18, 2016

Daughters of Holocaust Survivors

Daughters of Holocaust Survivors 2Gs Learn Via Expressive Art By Susan Horn Greif  Jewish Link of Bergen County Friday, 13...

September 13, 2016

Revealing Conversation with Petra Nicoll & Susan Greif

Petra's trials and tribulations in her own life have inspired her book, Petra’s Ashes: A Transcendental Journey (2016 release) and have made her who she is today – a compassionate, insightful and loving being who can help you rise like a phoenix and soar!


Petra Nicoll and Susan Greif discuss Transforming Emotions Through the Arts in this interview.

July 13, 2016

Valerie Greene Interviews Susan Greif on How to Transform Your Emotions Through Art

Valerie Green is a unique relationship mentor who works with women and couples. She helps couples stop fighting and fall in love again; She helps women inspire their husband or boyfriend to deeper love an intimacy; and She helps single women attract their Mr. Right.

This interview is an experiential class with Creative Transformation Expert Susan Greif to help you shift relationship patterns and emotions through drawing.

June 29, 2016

Randi Levin Interviews Susan Greif on Her Life Sparks Chapter, Crossing Bridges: The Power of Visualization

Randi Levin CPC, founder & CEO, Randi Levin Coaching – is a nationally recognized transitional life strategist, author, keynote, and reinvention expert. Randi Levin Coaching supports women in becoming legends in their own lives.


In this interview, she discusses Susans' chapter in Life Sparks, which highlights the power of visualization in our lives. 

March 31, 2016

In Englewood This Shabbat, ‘C’ Is for Chai Lifeline

Healing Cancer Published in the Jewish Link of New Jersey In Englewood This Shabbat, ‘C’ Is for Chai Lifeline By...

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