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1. Signed copy of Life SPARKS.

2. A 30 minute Complimentary “Step One in Crossing Your Bridge” phone call.

3. A “Step One in Crossing Your Bridge” Visual Handout.

4. Priority Shipping.


“Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you can’t begin to explore the possibilities.”
-Tim Fargo


We have all been faced with a bridge to cross; whether we cross it or not is our choice. Sometimes our choices are determined by the negative talk embedded in our minds, creating a negative image that causes fear and anxiety. In my chapter “Crossing Bridges”, I share the bridges which I feared to cross until I found my passion and voice that empowered me, which led me to the joyous path of helping others deal with their “trolls” who live under their bridges, and threaten to keep them from crossing the bridge to a greener pasture.


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