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10-Week Individual Mended-Heart Program 

Hundreds of clients have benefited from Susan Greif’s 10-Week Individual Mended-Heart Program, the goals of which are to identify what’s holding someone back, guide them toward a better path and help them help themselves moving forward.


The process starts with a 90-minute intensive roadmap session, followed by nine (9) additional 50-minute one-on-one private sessions. Clients also receive a Break Free Journal and weekly follow-up emails to review private sessions, analyze artwork and other expressive work, assign/discuss homework and to set ongoing goals.


* Recognize past traumas, negative thinking patterns and/or the inner critical voice that keep you paralyzed, powerless, panicked and in pain, preventing you from living the life you want.


* Identify the one abiding habit learned in childhood that’s thwarting you from enjoying the best relationship with yourself and others.


* Learn vital strategies and healing techniques to stop anxiety and pain in their tracks.

* Gain the ability to empathize, understand, accept and let go of your past traumatic relationship(s).


* Acquire approaches to reclaim your power and create healthier bonds with your loved ones.

Walk & Talk


In addition to her 10-week program, Susan offers individual Walk & Talk sessions.


Walk & Talk sessions are talk therapy sessions in the form of a relaxing nature walk. The goal of these sessions is to focus on grounding the mind and body while establishing a connection to nature. 


These sessions run 50 minutes to an hour.

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