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Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Years ago, as I was getting certified in the Multi-Sensory Approach to Learning for Children with Dyslexia at Columbia University’s Teacher’s College (in addition to my certification in Orton-Gillingham), I came across a graphic called Cone of Learning by Edgar Dale. It examines the best way a student can retain the information learned. We tend to learn better when all of our senses are engaged but we tend to learn best when teaching others.

Besides working with children, I also work with women. Some have weight issues, relationship issues, organizational issues, traumatic issues and issues figuring what their next move is. For those who have read my earlier blogs/newsletters, you may recall my family life has taken over my business if lately. I feel quite blessed that everything is going well in my life but I had also felt stuck. Although I continued with my regular clients and my ongoing workshops, I put off pursuing new workshops, new speaking engagements, new clients, and new business connections. I put off writing for my new book over the last six months. I felt a bit frustrated and I began to eat poorly, neglected my routine exercise and stay awake at night. My cortisol was raised and I began feeling stressed, tired and sluggish.

One day, a prospective client reached out to me and complained she felt stuck in all areas of her life and she gained some weight. During our consultation, I explained to her all the reasons why she was feeling the way she was and I shared steps she needed to take to get to where she wants to be. After our consultation, I sat there reading my notes and reflecting. I realized I needed my own pep talk and decided then and there I will detox my body, get back on an exercise routine and start reaching out to others. One month later I feel great, have more energy, began networking again, gained two more clients, and I am in the process of creating my next upcoming workshop (Shifting Through Art-Chi: Understanding the Root Chakra…Click here to subscribe to my newsletters) and I am preparing for my next speaking engagement.

We all give brilliant advice…that is, when it comes to others, however; we tend to ignore our own advice. Why? Usually because we don’t want to make the change. We are like ostriches with our heads stuck deep into the ground not wanting to face reality. If we don’t see reality, if we don’t become aware of the problems that keep us where we are, we don’t have to change. Awareness is the key to transformation but willingness is the first step to getting there.

I want to take this moment to thank all of my clients who have taught me so much. Without you, I couldn’t be challenged. Without being challenged, I could have never evolved. I thank you for allowing me to share your journey and thank you for unwittingly participating in mine.

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